Genuine Consultancy

Find the talent you need to grow

We build talent acquisition systems and processes that save time and money, and attract great people.


Are agencies an expense, or an investment?

We help companies reduce their reliance on external recruiters. Learn to refine your employer brand, attract great people and manage your talent pipelines efficiently.Our initial process involves:- Reviewing your job adverts, employer brand and EVP
- Applicant tracking systems and talent pipelines
- Introducing cost-effective techniques used by agency recruiters


No time to focus on recruitment?

Niche searches or high volume recruitment can benefit from specialist tools and experience. We tailor packaged services to suit your needs.Our outsourcing process includes:- Agreed scope or work and timeframes
- Professional pre-screening and assessment
- Access to premium tools and advertising channels
- Market research, employee reward and salary benchmarking


Engage with a strategic partner

We offer expert advice and skills related to:- Strategic oversight and governance
- Branding and talent acquisition
- Learning and development
- Digital transformation


About us

Founder Callum has managed brands, built systems and developed sourcing campaigns for recruitment agencies since 2016. Having recruited at scale, refining Embed's approach and adapting it for individual companies was a natural progression.We believe in:
- taking a strategic approach
- solving, rather than exploiting problems.
- working collaboratively to build effective systems
Our network of consultants allows us to respond effectively to a range of issues. We follow an established process, but it is not a one size fits all approach.

“Embed has been a catalyst for our recent growth. We have 5 x the cleared candidates, our processes are now online and streamlined and we are confident to scale our operations nationally”

Managing Director, Qualiteach

"Working with Cal is a pleasure. He has exceptional knowledge of our market niche and has been able to find people who have been a great fit for us."

COO, Teacher Booker (Tech Startup)

“I can’t stress enough how great it is to have someone at the other end of the phone who understands the challenges you face and can offer objective advice or a different perspective”

Owner, Evolve Staffing Solutions